The Science Behind Vibo

VIBO is a unique and intelligent bowling simulator in which a scientific approach is adopted to create a real bowling scenario. Batsmen face a life-size high contrast display screen on the screen depicts animation of a selected bowler who runs in and bowls a certain delivery at the point of release a real ball is fired from the machine as if the ball is released from the hand of the bowler. Behind the machine is a sophisticated bowling machine that is synchronized with the bowlers’ hand which fires the ball through a hole in the screen at the exact delivery point.


Realistic Bowling Animation
Load Up To 50 Balls
Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor
Adjustable Height

Innovation Is The Biggest Game Changer

It is very easy to set the line, length and speed of the ball. Players can set the type of deliveries they want to face . VIBO is equipped with heavy duty motors, automatic ball elevator, wheels and locking system. Micro controller based hardware and proprietary built-in software ,and built on Siemens actuator ball delivery system technology All these features make VIBO a world class bowling simulator suitable for all levels and age groups.
Every athlete strives to improve their game VIBO is a tool to help the athlete achieve their goals.