Contributing To Effective Training

Cricket is a medium to slow-paced sport when compared to other sports, which makes Cricket more interesting and engaging. With a tremendous following across the globe, the Indian Cricket team has a fan base like no other team in the world. Without a doubt, cricketers are role models for today’s youth.

A couple of years back, I asked a young fan, who was about 10 years back then, what is more interesting – Cricket training at school or watching cricket on television? He bluntly answered, watching cricket on the television. I was taken aback. I really wanted to talk more to this kid and find out WHY, but I found the answer myself the next day. It was disturbing to witness the situation of the lone coach, young players, and helpless parents.

What exactly happened? The training center had one coach and thirty-five players! The traditional methods used by the coach to occupy two batsmen at a time meant more kids had to wait for their turn to bat. By the time the last pair of batsmen turns up to bat, continuous bowling tired the bowlers and are constantly bowling wide. I could see the disappointment in the batsman’s eye.

I continued visiting cricket academies, interacting with players from the grassroots level to the elite level. Every batsman I interacted with had one thing in common. A bowling machine is helping me play several deliveries. This got me thinking. I continued observing their training for a few more days and keenly observed the practice with the bowling machine. I could still feel a sense of incompleteness in most of the batsman’s training.

I sat down in my reading room to think through and how can I make a difference in cricket training, for both grassroots level and elite level. That’s when my keen observation of the use of traditional bowling machine gave me a chance to bring to shape ‘Top Score Sports and Bowling Simulator’

As every batsman has their unique style of batting, they also have a unique way of preparing to face the ball. Batsmen enjoying playing for a longer duration in the training session to hound their skills. Whereas, the bowlers and the sidearm throwers get tired after a long session and might lose their line and length. This will hamper the batsmen’s training. That’s when they turn up to the bowling machines.

How is Top Score Sports Bowling Simulator – VIBO any different from traditional bowling machines?

Unlike any other ball throwing machines, VIBO has a display of bowler animation on the screen that allows the player to get ready while the bowler is running in, creates natural cues, helps in initial movement, and prepares for each shot! As timing is everything for the batsman, VIBO helps in a complete match like preparation and training with a purpose.

Features of the VIBO series range from having both right-hand and left-hand bowlers’ animation, along with a maximum speed of 140 KMpH, top quality swing, a small amount of spin, voice control, tab- control, height-adjustable machine, and accurate line and length!

As the game of Cricket is based on one ball at a time, we have designed VIBO to make every batting style a get better, the VIBO series of bowling stimulators deliver random balls to help batsman to fine-tune for match scenario with random mode and help prepare the batsman to become more aware and ready for many tournaments.

VIBO bowling simulator series is here to create an effective training tool for players and coaches by instilling sheer pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

Syed Zakir,

Founder and CEO,